Overdraft Privilege  

Don’t worry about overdrawing your checking account with our Overdraft Privilege! Struthers FCU will consider paying your check, ACH, ATM or Debit Card transactions if an overdraft occurs on your account up to the overdraft limit of $300.00. In utilizing Overdraft Privilege, you will be charged a small fee for each transaction. Then you’ll have 30 days to bring your account to a positive balance. That’s a lot of peace of mind for a small fee

Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction

Have your paycheck, government check, or Social Security check electronically deposited into your credit union account.  It’s safe, easy and simple to set up.  Talk to a Struthers FCU teller to enroll in Direct Deposit (having your entire check deposited) or Payroll Deduction (having a portion of your check deposited.) Click here to print a Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction form.


Dividends are declared and paid on a quarterly basis. The percentage rate quoted is an annual rate. The amount paid is based on the net earnings of the credit union after a transfer is made to the reserve fund. Dividends are paid only on fully paid shares. (each even increment of $5.00 in your account.) Dividends are only paid on balances of $100.00 or more. We encourage you to maintain a $100.00 balance in order to take full advantage of all of our credit union products and services.    

Reorder Checks

Reorder your checks online anytime! Click here to enter the secure check reorder form.