Savings Accounts

Everyone’s savings needs are different. But whether you’re saving for retirement, college or a special purchase, Struthers Federal Credit Union offers a variety of ways to help! With a minimum deposit of just $5.00, open your own Savings Account and watch as you earn dividends on balances of $100.00 or more. Your money is safe at Struthers FCU too: All Deposit Accounts are insured up to $250,000 by NCUA (National Credit Union Administration).

Start saving today! Click here for our Savings Calculator. For more information about any of our Savings Accounts or current rates, visit our Rates page or call us at 1-330-755-7556.

You can easily deposit funds into your savings account by:

  • Mail      

  • In person

  • Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction of your paycheck, Social Security, Government or Pension Checks

  • Our convenient Night Drop Box located outside our front door 

Individual Account

An Individual Account has one account owner and has one name on the account. 

Joint Account

A Joint Account is held by one member and any other person. The other person does not need to be a credit union member or a member of your family. Both must sign on the membership card, and both may make deposits or withdrawals from the account.

Payable on Death

A Payable on Death Account has another member designated as a beneficiary of the account. The beneficiary has no right to the account and cannot deposit or withdraw on the account until the death of the member.

Christmas Club

A Christmas Club account is a smart way to save for holiday purchases! Make deposits throughout the year. Those funds will be available October 1, when they’re transferred to your Savings or Checking Account. If you request a check, we’ll mail it on or around October 15 to your address of record. When the holidays arrive, so does your Christmas Club Check! Shop without racking up interest on a credit card! Click Here to sign up for Direct Deposit.

REST (Real Estate Tax) Club

Save for your own Real estate taxes with a REST Club Account. This is a great way to build your account for paying real estate taxes. Here’s how it works: deposit whatever amount you need throughout the year. And when your real estate taxes are due, you simply transfer to the funds to your Struthers FCU Checking Account and pay your tax bill. Click Here to sign up for Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction.

Deposit Insurance

Federally insured credit unions (like Struthers Federal Credit Union) offer a safe place for you to save your money, with deposits insured up to at least $250,000 per individual depositor. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is the independent agency that administers the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). Like the FDIC's Deposit Insurance Fund, the NCUSIF is a federal insurance fund backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. Click here for more information about account insurance.


Dividends are declared and paid on a quarterly basis. The percentage rate quoted is an annual rate. The amount paid is based on the net earnings of the credit union after a transfer is made to the reserve fund.

See our Rates Page for our last declared dividends.